Thai Style Bird Shaped Dumplings

Beautiful delicious and nutritious snack to surpirse your guest.

Wonderful deep fried snapper with tasty fish sauce

Thai style pork Ribs braised in sweet savory sauce to irresistible sticky tenderness.

Sweet Shiny Coconut Sticky Rice

Pretty yet quick and easy beyond belief to make dessert.

Spicy Rice Noodles Soup

Spicy, flavorful and oh so good rice noodles soup with various toppings.

Pork Satay

Skewered of pork marinated and grilled to perfect.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baked Vinegar Chicken Wings (ปีกไก่อบซอสเปรี้ยวหวาน)

As a big fan of chicken wings, I have made different types of wings and ones of my favorite are Glazed vinegar chicken wings.  I love these wings for their soft, juicy,stickiness  and of course, their wonderful sourly, mild sweet with only a hint of spiciness glaze. 

Both mid joint and drumettes are ok for this recipe. For me, I love mid joint and find them pretty sexy part of the chicken. So I use just one type. So choose whatever you like, but go for the skin on chicken, if you can. You end up rendering a lot of fat out when you bake it in the oven anyway, and it goes nice golden and irresistibly crispy. 

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Vegan Sweet Radish (หัวไชโป๊วหวาน)

Sweet radish is my husband's favorite food. Every week, I have to make sweet radish for him to go with steamed rice plus other dishes I cooked. Besides, I love to add it in Pad Thai and other stir fried dishes. The sweet radish tastes so refreshing and super delicious for him. The happiest moment being a home cook is when your family enjoys the foods you make....I am no exception.   
Though the sweet radish is easily obtainable in Tokyo, I sill prefer a home made version. I want three things from my food : I want to know what's in it; I want a rich natural favor; and I want to feel some measure of self reliance. The global supermarkets can't give me any of these things. Home food preservation can. Besides that food preservation can save both money and calories. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Thai Style Dumplings (ขนมจีบไทย)

Many of Thai dishes has originated in China. Technically, they are Chinese. There are so many overlapped, but Thai cooking has its own interpretation of similar dishes, and with an array of unique ingredients not found in China. Take the expansive menu of traditional Chinese food, infuse it with local flavors and cooking styles and you have something that is distinctively Thai and utterly delicious. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Heavenly Beef (Neua Swarn เนื้อสวรรค์)

It 's winter now in Japan, I am sure many people are bundling up at home and cooking, in stead of out and about in freezing weather. I am lucky that I am in Tokyo where winter is mild, in fact, this year there is no real winter here. However, being a woman from tropical country, I feel cold whenever the temperature drops below 25°C.

As I don't want to go outside, I preserved a lot of food for consumption: I froze vegetables, fruit and even sushi rice. Besides freezing, dehydrating is another great way to preserve food that I especially love because it is so easy and only takes a little extra time. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stir Fried Rice Vermicelli with Tamarind Sauce (เส้นหมี่ผัดซอสมะขาม)

Noodles are popular all over Asia, so there is no surprise that noodles are a staple for many Thais. Walk down to any streets where there are street vendors or hawkers, you will see that most of the foods sold are noodles dishes. Everyone loves and could always have a noodles dish.  

The noodles can be soupy and come in a broth or dried as in stir fried noodles or in between such as Kway Teow Lord (flat rice noodles with sweet dark soy sauce), but the condiments are always  of four different flavors – crushed red chili in vinegar (mild spicy and sourly), dried chilli powder (harsh spicy), fish sauce and sugar. These condiments are really simple to make and to us, Thais, they are important and what make our noodles dishes even more delicious. I will share you how to prepare these four condiments, but it will be another post.